Plastic Jesus
2006-10-10 @ 8:08P

So the drive up was just as beautiful as the drive back with the Autumn colours - it felt almost perfect. & for a moment (when we arrived) it was - a whole years worth of memories flooded over me & I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. In that moment I was genuinely happy.

Everyone liked my grad pictures & agreed with me that the one I choose to order was indeed the best photo. i'm not sure if in the future if i still have much prospect for a future, if i will wish i ordered more, or want less. i still have extra prints from when i was 6 &7 years old. its crazy. i will go out again this weekend around the leaves with ashley & try to get some more good shots & can only hope that they turn out even better than the previous ones. i never liked formal sessions like those anyway.
Try to find a way. Can you make it without me? Every other day is the same without you here.

I'm trying to find my way.

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