Forever grateful
2011-01-08 @ 1:08P

I never quite expected my diary to close so quickly. I've used it for so many years it's become a great outlet for me to express myself. I've made and met a lot of friends while using this site, and it offers a great tool that can be kept as private as you want it to be.

I've had a lot of downs written in this diary and in many ways it has helped me reflect and see things in a different light - much like a friend would. But in doing that it made me a very private person. Instead of opening up my feelings to those around me who needed to hear them I figured "I'll just write about this later when I have the chance" And I became a very closed book.

As I've said I expected this document of my life to carry on for much longer but I'm afraid I don't need it anymore. Going back and reading the older entries is more of a depressing experience than I thought it would be. I only used it to vent negative things. But I am not the same jaded person who hated themselves and everything around them.

My life isn't filled with negative experiences anymore so I no longer have anything to write. And yes now my life is going to change forever but I'm ready to explore with someone who'll be a traveller with me. I will see the world knowing there are more great experiences headed my way.
May this entry be a reminder to all my diaryland friends over the years - when you are ready to let go of the pain it will go away.

Heartache can only linger as long as you want it to. And the sooner to let it go the sooner good things will come to you. Enjoy your life while you have it because you don't know how precious that air is until it's gone. Every second that you continue living is a blessing.

Life and love happened for me. And if it ends tomorrow I promise I won't be bellyaching on a diary I will just be glad that it did.
Good Luck To You All, May your lives be filled with laughter!

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