Here Lies The Incantation Of Matter
A Language Forever
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skin by afterbirth
Host: DLand


for Kara
to kerry
to Jeremy
for Ashley
for Lacie
for Jeremy to Paul
for Ashley
to Celia
to Sara
for Jeremy
over and over again
There We Sat
Missing You
He Calls To Me
I play the game through Risk
This is for the Ones (2) that have Come for Me
This is the Void
Feeling Guilty
Maybe I'm better off alone
Deaf Paranoia
The Enemy is Pure Hatred, Nothing more
I thought you were the one I could trust
I'll Never Be That Way
And as I step out of the limelight...
Not Myself Anymore
I don't care how far you'll run for our friendship
One More Word
In Your Head?
My Only Wish
Battle Ready
i want my life
Happy Hallowe'en!
It Kills.
Save the Best for the Last
After the Rain
You're Just Another Fuckshit To Me
Somebody Told Me...
Seems like Just another Day
They Are
Guess Who's Back?
The Returning
Surprise, surprise
Unique people type in lowercase
Do the right thing and choose
Another Reflection
I don't know how I sit on the bus sometimes.
To Market, to market
WWE Summerslam 2004
I know how you think
Exit Only
The New Definition of Lazy
The Theory
Only at the Grocery Store
The Insanity
Untitled Three
Only Time Will Tell
Spiderman 2
Final Fantasy VIII
The scars are beginning to show
Out of boredom
Killing the last of life - Too Much Death
Just one of those days with a little touch of Darkness
I counted
The Bus Ride Home
red makes me ANGRY
you told me that you liked to cry rivers...
More Of The Same
My Mind
Just The Happiness Of A Friday
"Yes, but.. what KIND of black heart?"
The Three
Lost, what i never knew i had
No Fear Of The Unknown


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