Ice Cream Man
2006-10-12 @ 6:38P

I'm glad I ate instead of going to that meeting today. I've been missing too many meals & it's showing; in fact I can't take my hand off my chest without feeling how far my collar bones are sticking out. It was a little odd to be going out again for the first time in the rain - soggy, chilly, & starving but I need to eat sometime.

Speaking of eating I've been going to get ice cream everyday after school because it kills time & a cute boy is always there. OK so the main reason is killing time but it doesn't hurt to have my name spread around & someone get to know my 'usual' :] & it does take quite a bit of time for me to kill considering how my bus comes at 4:50.

Ah well... I guess I'll call him the ice cream man.
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