Line in the Sand
2006-09-05 @ 5:37P

Well the first day of school was pretty sucky. I woke up at the sound of Mai ling barking &it was not pleasant. I got a drive in the morning &ended up transferring buses from West to Fairville &that wasn't fun either.
Right now I'm in the process of deciding what courses I'm willing to change &compromise with. Here's my schedule as of now:
Sociology 120
Law 120
Nutrition &Healthy Living 120
English &Language arts 122
Functions &Relations 112
It's not that bad but Law sounds hard &it may take more work than I can handle. Plus my current english teacher seems dull &has a voice that's going to be tough to listen to all the time. I do have friends in that class but there's a seating plan &I can't sit beside them anyway so I doubt I'll be staying in there - it's the same with the Law 120 class.
Aside from school classes the school itself has a new auditorium (renovated) &it's all black &white with seats like there are in some theatres. It's cool but I don't think it suits the rest of the school. We had an assembly just about information with school: we can try out for soccer until thursday, run for the cure forms are available, picnic in the park is this thursday, &the first dance of the school year is on the 15th.
OK enough about school because I have to get to homework.

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