2006-08-07 @ 3:32P.

I want to write in here honestly &I do everytime I post an entry but I always wonder who is going to read it &what they're going to think of me when they read it. I'm quite paranoid of it actually. They're all right about me, I care too much.
Yesterday our ceiling fan in the kitchen fell down (out of the ceiling) &the glass &lightbulbs smashed into pieces (one of which flew off &scraped my dad's hand). Luckily though there was no major damage: everyone was safe. Basically the thing just spun right out of the ceiling: not safe. We're glad it fell when it did though. Even though we don't have any form of light in the kitchen now that fan could have fallen right on my dad, or me, or my pets, or a friend or family &that's scary. So now there's a huge hole in the ceiling, but in a strange sort of way this is just a reminder that we need to get the fuck out of this place.
An hour ago we made some phone calls &did some searching on online newspapers to look for a place. We have an appointment for tomorrow at 2:00P &I'm really hoping we can find something sooner rather than later. Our landlord seems to be holding onto the idea that we're going to stay but we've already given notice &we're leaving by september first. I must admit that I can't wait to get out of here.

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