Not Safe
2006-08-10 @ 6:14 p.m.

OK so today wasn't that bad; I slept in until about 12:00 when dad finally came in to wake me up for my appointment; that's about a good 12 hours of sleep that I really didn't need, but I have such a difficult time falling asleep at night that I end up sleeping more during the morning. The appointment was for one &we actually got there early. I felt as if I woke up &magically got to the salon because I can barely remember getting ready. Anyway I'm now much happier with my hair &have my ears pierced for the third official time. (Let's hope for the best)
We also took a drive by the apartment we're planning on looking at hopefully in the next couple of days. It's tough because it's not around an area where any of my close friends live so it won't be as easy for me to keep in touch. But there is always something you've gotta give up when you move I just hope that in possibly moving there we gain something as well.
There are as many cons as pros to living in this^ newer apartment such as the possibility to not being able to move until later than we intended, but truthfully as long as we can move before the Winter it doesn't matter for us. The reason we might not be able to move in right away is because the apartment needs some minor work done like putting in hard wood flooring in a room &painting a room but I wouldn't mind as long as it's what we're looking for. Personally I would rather move after I got settled into school but we did give notice for september first so it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I was just hoping that maybe I would have my license by then &could be driving to meet my friends instead of having to bum rides &taking a bus everywhere.
I went out shopping &to a party this week: both were terrible so my friends &I left early. I never bought anything while shopping which really annoyed me so I'm hoping I can make plans to arrange to go again with someone who could make it a little more fun next time. I'd love to get some new earrings for when these ears heal.
All in all it hasn't been the best or most exciting summer but they never are. That's why I prefer Winter because it's much more enjoyable. When you factor in the trips to family &friends during new years &christmas &valentine's: summmer's got nothing on that.

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