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2006-08-04 @ 3:54P

My grandmother Sue called today at 1:30P &as soon as the phone rang I got a badfeeling. The whole time my dad was talking with her I was on edge hoping that I wouldn't have to go to 2 funerals this summer. The news was that my grandfather had a (mini)stroke &spent the last 2 nights in the hospital. The doctor isn't sure exactly what brought it on but our best guess was physical activity. My grandfather is 70+ years old &doing volunteer word at a scout camp, sometimes alone &in the heat. He's received numerous awards for it &has been doing work there for almost half of his life. He's gotten a stroke before but nobody is stopping him from driving out to the camp every morning. He's always been a fairly healthy person in my mind, but he is so stubborn. I'm not sure anyone in our family can talk him out of doing work like this.
Everyone is our family loves him &cares about the amount of time &effort he spends out there every single day but I personally don't want him to continue it. My grandfather just doesn't realize how badly it's effecting his health. He's retired &I think it's time for him to enjoy that &realise that it's ok to sit inside all day at times ¬ have to worry about getting in a daily run. I'm just not sure he can make the right decision &quit, because keeping this up is doing noting for his health.
It's been so long that Pup has been working there. It gets to be extremely tough &challenging on my grandmother &all of his grandchildren. Every time I go to visit the only time I get to sit &actually speak with him is around or after supper. After supper is is always the time that everyone else is invited to come over so I hardly feel like I know him &I try so hard but it's difficult when I only get to visit once or twice a year.
Things shouldn't be this way. I should be able to visit more than twice. I mean they only live 2 hours away, but dad is the only person that drives &he works from 4:30P-12:30A everyday. I'm really hoping that he switches to days or at least tries to take some time off so we can be there for the family meeting when we try to talk my gramp out of all this.
Those are quite possibly the worst hours dad could have ended up with, it all sucks. Thinking about when I start school again I doubt I will ever see my dad unless when he drives my mother to work in the morning if even then. I have to leave every morning to get the bus at 7:40A &I don't get home until 4:30P. &4:30P is exactly when he has to leave &most of the time I cannot stay awake until 12:30A &get up exactly as early as I need to. This is senior year &it's going to be important to me that I get to see my family &friends even more often than usual. I'll need that.
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