heat it up
2006-08-04 @ 1:01A

I just had a really long conversation on msn with Ashley, mostly about myspace because I didn't want to hear about how much fun she was having &how much we miss her would make her feel bad so I avoided that subject. Most of all it was nice to talk to somebody else that I know I wouldn't get into an arguement with.
I've decided I'm getting my lobes pierced again just to satisfy my need for a body mod. It's going to be odd because I was considering getting something not visible to just anyone; I guess we'll see how it works out but basically this is just my temporary fix until I figure out what I really want to have. I was a little hesitent because they've gotten infected so easily before, I don't want it to happen again. I will get them done when I go in to have my hair cut next week. I wish I had thought of this earlier; I'm not sure if they will be healed by the time school starts. But I'm suppose to go shopping this weekend &hopefully I can get a collection built up for after it heals.
I've already decided my first tattoo is going to be; I just need to wait until the right time. Even if I was allowed to get one now I wouldn't because I realise that my bones aren't finished growing &the last thing I'd want is a stretched tattoo. Plus I want my first tattoo to be celebrating something &right now there isn't much to celebrate.
Speaking of celebrations my birthday went well: not as well as I would have liked but better than usual, somebody always finds a way of cheering me up. Justin was the one to wish me a happy birthday &he seemed to care about how I was feeling. I've missed talking to him so much that just having a few words here &there makes me happy. It's not a crush; it's still love (for me) whether he feels like I do or not. I'm glad he was the one to cheer me up. It was so much more than I had expected. I love him so much.

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