2006-07-28 @ 4:23 p.m.

My birthday is coming up soon &I've been searching around online at various gifts. I always like to get my friends something &there are about 10 birthdays of people I know in August so we'll see how this works out. Most of my friends never buy me anything, pay me back, or even wish me a happy birthday but I like doing it. So here's what I've been hoping for:
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Obviously I would love to have a new camera. We got ours awhile back &I've wanted my own ever since. It's not that the one I have now takes poor quality photos, it's just that I want something lighter, smaller, &takes pictures faster. Because I carry our camera around with me everywhere I go it's get hard always having to take things out of my purse because my camera is taking up so much space, &the fact that it seems to weigh a ton does a number on my shoulder at the end of the week.
The birthdays coming up next month include my grandmother, grandfather, cousin, aunt &many friends: Merrissa, Jessica, Chris, Sam, Eddie, Lacie, &Chris. I'm not planning on buying them all gifts, mostly because I can't afford it right now with the moving &all but also the fact that they never buy me anything anyway. I have a feeling this birthday isn't going to be any better than the rest.
I always dread getting a year older.

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