cuz i can
2006-06-21 @ 7:38P

I can't remember the last time I got high alone, but it was a nice feeling. Just to roll a few joints brought me back to when it first started. I hated smoking in general &first found that out one year before anything in seventh grade from smoking up to five cigs a day with my friends - all to look cool. &five cigs was a lot for me. The only time I smoked a cigarette when I was alone was once, a year later. So it's the typical story &we continue smoking for three months, when the summer comes *I don't have to strive to fit in anymore. I find new friends &when they find out how I hate smoking they introduce me to: cocaine; which I instantly fell in love with &hung onto for a year. Yeah of course there are the effects but I'd been pretty free for awhile now. &if it's going to make me happy that's all that I need. Of course I didn't remember much beside the fact that I actually got high but I don't really care.
No looking forward to going in for my report card come Thursday but it's got to be done. I'm actually debating whether to stay awake for the entire night or just set an alarm for five, smoke some, &leave to get a bus.
Although it I smoke too early before I get the bus when I'm not already going I might just forget to catch one altogether.

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