i turn to you
2006-06-20 @ 11:34P

Yesterday I was thinking about how things have been changing at school before it ended. &it occured to me that the emo trend/scene kids fad is becoming more popular as time goes on. I mean hell, there are more scene kids claiming to be emo on VF than there are people actually of the gothic vampire trend. Then I remembered how I always wanted to be goth but I never made it all the way there because of the people around me & my family didn't approve of it.
Last night I ended up looking at gothic clothing & the different types of goths there are now. Yes I should be able to treat my body how I want & dress it how I want but alas, I am not yet an adult. &I still have a full year or two before I can finally decided want I want to be seen as. & as these trends become more popular & recognized it creates a perfect opportunity & atmosphere for me to get to my roots.

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