It Kills.
2004-10-19 @ 6:19 p.m.

Don't you just love those days that are filled with nothing but complete and utter crap, especially when they don't anger you?

I would, but I don't really love anything. Except myself.

Mid-terms are coming up, which really stinks because now, just when my life starts to look up, I will need to spend much more time studying.

The English essay got done anyway. I hate group essays. Especially when the last person you wanted to get put in your group is. There were only 2 people out of the 36 that I didn't want in my group, and I got one of them. All I can say is, thank god I didn't get both. Somebody always ends up doing the majority of the work, and it's usually me unless the person I'm working with is either 1)a control freak or 2)a harder worker. And to be a harder worker than me takes a lot. So very rarely does that situation occur. It's done anyway.

Had a pop quiz today also. All piled on top of my History test for tomorrow. Hope I did okay, have a good feeling.

I took an IQ test today. I don't really feel like posting the number just for someone elses enjoyment as to seeing how stupid/smart I am. I still don't really know how much they prove.

I should get out, have a regular good night out on the town. I miss those nights with you, Seth. And Jen was really glad you could come with us that night. It's the people to point and laugh at that make this city. You know what I'm talking about.

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