Happy Hallowe'en!
2004-10-30 @ 9:19 a.m.

Hallowe'en really snuck up on me this year. It's funny though, how it managed to when I was decorating on the first of October.

I had yesterday off from school. And I couldn't help but notice the fact that not only yesterday, but everyday, I visit diaryland, and don't update my own diary. So I got to thinking "What's the point of logging in, if I'm not even going to update?". So you'll probably see more updates lately.

Today should be a fun, relaxing day. [according to my horoscope, 4 out of 5 stars] Hehe. I'll start shortly by, carving pumpkins and later making cookies. I've never made cookies for Hallowe'en before, so this should be interesting. I received Underworld for a Hallowe'en gift, I've never had a Hallowe'en gift before. And I love that movie. So it's most likely that I'll be having a Hallowe'en movie marathon today. Hehe. After this, I'll be going out to look for a last minute costume. Originally, since the second week of October, I had plans to attend a Hallowe'en party today, but the party was cancelled, so I put off getting a costume altogether. And when this past Thursday came, I made plans, on the spur of the moment, to go out trick-or-treating. Hehe. I've never been big on trick-or-treating, and hell who cares! You're never too old for free candy! But it doesn't really matter my age, because of my height, people will automactically assume that I'm 10, not 15. But we'll just see how much they assume when they see my costume. *sinistersmirk* Hehe.

So um, everybody have a Happy Hallowe'en and um, try not to egg too many houses OK??

That's all for today folks!

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