Save the Best for the Last
2004-10-18 @ 5:50 p.m.

Yesterday was quite possibly the worst day of my life. But yet I did not suffer from it. Which is why it probably wasn't the worst. Maybe just bad.

Today was good though. Even if it started off terribly. It seemed as though nothing was going right, but always picks up in the end. I'm either 1)with somebody for a reason or 2)alone for a reason, but no matter what the reason, it always seems logical in the end. As if it were implanted in my subconscious mind to know when I need/want to be alone, or with someone. But that's what separtes today from yesterday. Yesterday I needed to be with somebody, I felt alone, cold, hated, ignored, abandoned whatever other lonely emotion you can name, I felt it. And sure enough, just when I least expect it. You call. And she's with you, and so is he. That feeling makes my day 10 times better than it ever could have been. And it gets me to the point where I don't feel the cold anymore, all I can feel is the warmth of your body as you lift me up off my feet and smile like there's no tomorrow. And my cheeks hurt so bad from laughing with you guys, and smiling, with you. You're right. Tomorrow never comes.

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