soon..only Time will tell
2003-11-03 @ 9:23 p.m.

Now I finally have total marks for all my subjects, in order [received] ::






Overall my marks were, pretty close, if grouped together. Now i switch to [visual] art[s]. Nothing exciting today, but I'm sure there will be much more, to come in that class.

I was sick November [1st] from all the Halloween candy I ate. Heh. Actually it was the cake, as i didn't have enough sense to lay off and stop with the sweets for a day or so. That's what 4days off from school does to you.

I sound like such an oinker, and I'm sure I must be pictured as this morbidly obese fatty. But I could use to get some meat on my bones. I'm just short, so it kind of interferes with my weight. I'll toughen up soon enough. I have damn good genetics. If not, I'll work, hard too. Heh

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