yeah, that's me in the corner there, standing back against the wall
2003-10-31 @ 6:23 p.m.

I left the party wicked early. I couldn't take it. At least Jack wasn't there, little pothead fuckshit. /ultimatehatred

What do you do with those idiots that hang around a huge parties exclaiming that they "need 35 million dollars, more piercings, more steriods, more scars, more cars, more drugs & more alcohol"? 'Cause that was probalbly everybody at that party. What is with people that say to themselves "MORE IS BETTER"?! I thought Chris had more sense, :rollseyes: what an idiot. At least I wasn't the only one who left the party totally early. Jake, Victoria [shockingly enough] & Kitty also left along with me. Courtney was such a skank, desperately trying to seduce every guy that looked at her. Not to mention, leading to Kitty breaking up with Chris. I would too, if in her position. I was very surprised with Jake & Victoria leaving early too. Jake is, sorry was a best friend to Chris. And Victoria never leaves a party that early. Chris made a total ass of himself. Nobody will be talking to him tomorrow. /chuckles

So now everybodies over here. [Jake, Victoria, Kitty & myself that is] We're going to pop in a few movies and shovel the candy up our nostrals, heh, good fun. Happy Hallowe'en!!

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