Almost Like The "Aftershock"
2003-11-05 @ 3:15 p.m.

You see a different person everyday, but that doesn't mean you will meet somebody different everyday.

Today sucked, and I feel so totally stupid, it was the day of ultimate boredom. Worn out and destroyed.

SU [snobs unite, or, more preferably snots unite] came around every turn on this day. As soon as you think you might just get an eleventh hour day, "Oh!"

So, i yanked my bright apple lime gum out of my mouth and stuck it right in her curly, blone, sprayed up sick excuse for hair.

Her name was "courtney" & sure enough, a friend "katherine" [they're so snobby they don't even deserve capital letters in their names] got some lovely garbage tossed at her. By my new best friend, whom i met today & barely know, Hailey. She[Hailey] chucked a coffee cup @ "kat" almost directly after i passed by courtney & said "i love your hair!" :while_inserting_gum:

What a day.

Did I mention that i awoke @ 5:40am only to arrive home @ 2:10pm for all this? Life is good. Just don't bitch.

It's funny how, people will refuse to speak to you when in a bad mood, [or blame you even sometimes] Yet they take no notice when asking a favor. They "butter you up" with compliments, and agree with you, become your shadow for the day, all just because they want something. Brats. Stop pretending.

I didn't think you would [ever] care. But you do.

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