Pez en las flores
2009-01-17 @ 7:38P

Today i had an impulse buy but i don`t think anyone was particularly bothered by it. i got a black faux fur bomber style jacket - only because i have wanted one for so so so long & this one was on sale. Coats & jeans are some of the few things i will not buy from a thrift shop, but i think that is being reasonable. Lately i am very much into long coats that look like they could be dresses or just plain dresses.

But it is difficult to find something like that in the mall stores.

i guess i`ll keep looking.

There is a snowstorm coming Sunday & i cannot wait to get out & take some photos in it. i hope it is that fat, fluffy type of snowflakes that are so big they almost look like feathers. i wish i lived near some sort of park or forest or beach area - one that would be prime for taking photos everyday & then i would never have a good excuse for not taking hundreds of pictures.

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