2009-01-08 @ 1:40P

New layout for a new year. This one might actually last all winter. Speaking of winter...it`s snowing again & staying this time! it is that pretty kind of soft, fluffy snowflakes & there are icicles stuck to all of the trees. on the nights when it`s not too cold i love taking my dog out for a walk & just enjoying the holiday lights; against the ice it looks really special. Perfect backgrounds for photographs.
& speaking of photographs in just a few days i will be taking hundreds upon hundreds of photos with my new camera. i have wanted a proper new camera for several years now & i think it is money well spent especially considering how terrible mine has been working. All i am asking for is a camera that stays on for longer than twenty seconds so help me God!
i suppose it would be my OCDish behaviour of looking at photographs & artwork websites too much but i feel overinspired as i have no real properly functioning camera to excute the artiste in me. Just only over a week ago i found myself outside walking almost everywhere that day it was snowy & foggy & i was constantly finding beautiful things catch my eye, but alas no camera to capture these moments & i found myself woeful for the rest of the night. No more! When i get this new camera i will lug it around everywhere there may be a special moment to capture - no matter how heavy it is!

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