love winter
2008-01-28 @ 6:35P

And you tell me to hurry up because the store is closing so I throw the clothes in a pile & emerge from the changing room... it's nice to visit a place you`ve never been before: sometimes (since I`ve had a lot of bad experiences relating to this) you forget that. We get ready to leave & I place three new tops that would have costed a lot more if I hadn`t come to this store. It feels good to get things for a deal - things that you actually like. & it makes me think that I may want to shop there all the time now.
& now we are going to have to think up more ideas for photoshoots if we want to use up these never-worn clothes. It`s a little exciting & honey I can`t wait so much that I`m running over the icy sidewalk on my way home with the hope that my legs don`t get frostbitten because it`s so goddamn cold. Why didn`t I wear different pants, or at least tights underneath?

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