New Year
2008-01-01 @ 1:55A

So it`s a new year again & I`m at home new years eve: as always. J & I are chillen on the hideaway watching Half Baked together for the first time. It`s nice & I want to stay up late into the night but he heads home tomorrow & is pissed about not having his new years kiss with his loving, long term girlfriend Jessica. I can`t blame him really.
Half Baked is great - I`ve missed smoking & this is one of the best movies for it. I should mention that it`s becoming a bit of a tradition that whenever Jaymze visits we order pizza; it was getting late & the only place open that still delivers was greco. So while J orders I go upstairs to grab some cash & down a full dose of Benadryl because the garlic in their pizza can probably near kill me haha
About an hour & five slices later I`m stuffed and feeling way more high with the medicine than just smoking alone. J can'`t sop laughing & I`m so drowsy I can barely move - I`m starting to drool a little. He tells me I can go to sleep once it hits midnight.
This was not the way I had intended on spending new years eve but it will have to settle. At 12:17A I get ready to go to bed & Jaymze wishes me luck & love for the new year: I the same. The last thing I remember saying was "Are you making a resolution this year J?" He laughed & paused for a second ... "Yeah, smoke more weed!" I laughed about that until I feel asleep.
Best New Year's Eve Yet!

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