comes around
2007-03-25 @ 2:15P

This is getting to be really hard. I'm trying not to think about it - trying not to talk about it but it's everywhere.
Brittany + Justin
& I hate it. It seems almost impossible to get my focus off of it - everyone has been talking about them since the very hour that they started dating.
oh brittany can do so much better and brittany all your friends hate him it won't come out until they are broken up. I'm happy that he is happy - but does he really need to rub it in my face? like are they just all conspiring against me to get me jealous?
All her bulletins have read something about him and it's annoying. She knows she added me to her myspace & this just hurts. At first all I felt was rage & I could supress it easily: now this is constantly in my face & there is nobody that I can actually talk to anymore. Her friends always jump to her defense & he's won over all of my friends: he lead me on & then started dating her: what the hell is going on here? Did I really bring all of this upon myself?

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