2007-03-25 @ 2:20P

I'm burning myself out on movies & eating all the junk food I can find. Forget studying for midterms I can bullshit it all. I'm so sick of hearing about everyone's problems intertwining in with mine: just don't tell me. Why do I need to know what's wrong with your life anyway - if I can't talk to you about my problems why would I want you to talk about yours (especially when they're the same)
Pup went for open heart surgery on Friday morning. He's only woken up a couple times & only taken one test: thankfully we know that he didn't have a stroke & will probably be fine & able to leave sometime next week. I'm praying for him as best as I can.
Right now I don't want to even type out all of these issues it seems as though they could go on forever. I'm trying to look at dad losing his job as a blessing in disguise & my friend getting slashed in an alley as not as bad as it could have been but things suck lately. & I want a change. I'm trying to change: I'm not allowing an opening for failure this time. I'm going to set goals & be victorious one way or another.
It's just that I need the occasional eat myself to death day in order to get me started

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