2007-12-31 @ 7:50P

Christmas went alright I suppose. Spent christmas eve up until dinner the next day with my grandparents on my mother's side. That went better than usual - we never go there for christmas... & after that trip I can see why. I didn't really get any gifts that I actually needed but that's alright. So later that night I went home & attempted to unpack everything... that didn't work so well. This whole vacation thing is not working out well... feels pretty pointless - I can't even catch up on sleep with the fucker downstairs constantly talking on his phone. ughh this entry is becoming pointless... like so many others... & there is so much on my mind but I don't feel safe writing it here with so many people still might be reading this...
Boxing day I took another trip to stay with my grandparents on my dad's side... it was nice to be with some family again - I miss them already & that's not a good sign... can't be getting too attached again.
This christmas is really sucking... not in my mind but everything I've been doing & not doing... it sucks. But the majority of the time in my head... I'm happy. I don't understand what's wrong... been so confused for so long & hating it
I was really pissed when I first started to write this entry but when I stop & think it's pointless to be...

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