2006-10-03 @ 8:32P

So will you take me away Mr. October? I stood there waiting - looking for you to show - I was there under the stairway while the rain poured down in front of me & splattered onto my boots. I watched for you through the rain & the fog & the thick & heavy morning air. The streetlamps were white but shone yellow upon hitting the ground. Raindrops moved the light like it was some kind of dance. &as I thought I heard you walking down the road I ran out into the driveway, past the cars & ran into the middle of the road with my broken umbrella & soaking wet I stood there. I stood there waiting for someone to save me or to run me over - which was better at the time I don't know. So I packed away my umbrella & walked onto the bus with flat hair & ruined makeup hoping that you wouldn't be on there to notice.

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