heat of the night
2006-06-25 @ 11:59P

Tomorrow I go out to pick up almost everything that means being a girl. My friend & I are trying to plan a little get togethe for our group of friends before she heads off to summer school & have kind of like a girls night out. She wants pictures of all of us together &I must say I'm excited. Just wish I could have gotten my hair done by now... I can tell this is going to be one of those mish-mash summers already but I don't mind. I just wish we could have one without drama already.
I've missed having friends &other people to hang out with & get to know but I miss telling someone I love them more. Yes, I love my friends ((or at least the people who seem to like me anyway...)) but it's not the type of love I've been looking for.
I had two dreams last night after waking up in the middle of one from my window rattling - I rolled back over & fell asleep to have another. According to various sites I've searched on; my dreams are telling me that I'm happy but aching for something, that controversy or some type of conflict has arised or is about to & that I'm looking for love & about to begin a new relationship. I analysed this for a moment & came to the conclusion that the interpretation of my dreams seemed correct. Today the drama from Thursday was resolved, &I do desperately desire for someone to love me, however I cannot see a new relationship forming at the moment - or even in this season. But with this upcoming get-together I have no idea what it could lead to.
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