it's like ice cream
2006-06-14 @ 6:03P

Had an afternoon exam today, &ended up waiting for the bus in the rain while this emo kid took about two hundred quick glances over at me as he smoked a cigarette &figetted with his bracelet while sitting on the curb. I hate how obvious boys make it when they find you attractive. This kid actually stepped aside so he could check me out when I got on the bus. Girls are so much better at being discreet.
The exam today in itself went well I suppose, though the bus ride home wasn't so pleasing. It was pretty packed & I kept rubbing up against the boy beside me &it must have been giving him ideas because I noticed a few attempts by him to look down my shirt. Do I wear a sign across myself saying SINGLE because I'm actually trying not to seem it. Maybe this is just what the weather does to people.

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