2006-04-26 @ 11:08P

Even I'm shocked at the amount of entries I've written lately. OK, so there's a dance this friday, I have a project due tomorrow, 21 tickets to sell for the raffle, & I'm thinking about making a dental appointment. I've been debating the latter for a while because I don't want one of my teeth to be ripped out, I don't want to wear a retainer, & I really don't want to wear braces. & if I go one of those things will probably happen which is why I'm only procrastinating about it & not actually doing anything. & now my closest friend doesn't want to go to the dance so everyone has a partner of some kind going with them, but me. Oh well, we'll all probably just dance in a group anyway but I'd feel weird with so many people I don't like. It'll just be odd & bring up memories if some song comes on & I'm dancing with a guy I hardly know...
I'm not the only one exctied for graduation anymore though. It seems like more & more people - particularily girls - are talking about it. I got into a conversation about prom during art class today with a girl I don't normally talk to & I gotta say that the dress she described to me sounds hideous, but she could pull it off - of course. From there we talked about weddings & I find it funny that boys - in general - don't really think or talk about these kinds of things but girls have put a lot of thought into it well before an engagement.
I'm so tired but I had to do something because the people outside were being really loud.

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