Angel's Eye
2006-04-25 @ 11:08P

I don't really want help from anyone to be honest. All I desire is for somebody to notice I'm unhappy & ask me what's wrong. I don't need to pour my soul out or anything I just wish I knew that someone cared about how I'm feeling. & I haven't gotten that even from a simple, friendly conversation or hello on the street. I hate getting into the "nobody loves me" mentality but I do feel like that's true. A part of me believes that if I was dying in the hospital from some car accident or something that no person - whether they know me well or not would come see meor even feel remotely hurt. I hate the fact that I know some of my friends feel a little like that but I still can't talk to them about it because we aren't suffering from the same things or even in the same way. I must be good at hiding my real feelings.

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