Boats & Birds
2006-02-20 @ 4:26 p.m.

I read a blog today asking what places you would like to travel & why. [sorry I lost the link] But here are my answers:

Canada - ok even though I live here I'd still like to visit family & stuff etcetera because I think it's a weird thing to be able to say that you've never been to the capital of your country.
Ireland - I have relatives here but considering I don't know them very well this would definately be an interesting experience - but I've wanted to visit since I can remember there were other places besides my city.
Japan - I don't really know why I want to go here I guess I just want to travel.
United States - Basically I'd just like to go here for the shopping - which would mean visiting any large city not just a small town.

I could probably list more but I'm a little busy right now... so if you could travel anywhere [the sky is the limit] where would it be and why?
It's a good day for the race.

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