2005-11-04 @ 10:32 p.m.

I want someone, need someone who could tell me they would bleed for me, cry for me, scream how they felt about me, kiss every scar of mine if they had to. If only to make me feel better. But I don't have anybody like that. Something tells me I may never have anyone like that by my side. Just that thought alone makes me sad. It seems like no matter how many positive thoughts I have during the course of a day, one negative one can cancel them all in a second.

She had eyes, turning piercing green & a dead grey in the same moment. What flowed into her eyes was the rush of fear & hate & pain & suffering. Nobody could stop her. She cannot be helped. But she is still safe, from a distance. & so she saw stars. Twinkling & shimmering. One of the most incredible things she'd ever experienced.

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