Cry for Help
2005-02-20 @ 9:50 a.m.

I woke up today, with the feeling that it would be a good day. But now, gradually, that feeling is changing. I'm becoming insecure about where it is I stand in my relationships with others. I've tried so much to be a people-pleaser, avoiding fights and giving them all what they want. But I cannot do that now because it seems that kind of things isn't appreciated anymore. So why waste my time? When I can be improving myself. And stepping from the spotlight into the sidelines. Maybe when you realize what I've been trying to accomplish, you'll actually listen and understand. But right now, I have more important life issues to worry about.
Thank you so much for helping me through this guys. Whether you're reading this or not, it had to said somehow. You two know who you are. And that headspace could not have been changed without you.

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