I thought you were the one I could trust
2004-11-26 @ 11:41 p.m.

You told me how kind, giving, caring, and trustworthy I was, and still am. You told me there was no reason for hate, but I can still see it in their eyes. You told me you couldn't judge my thoughts. But it will still happen. These contradictions, just coincedences? They think not, and I don't know who to believe. Perhaps I was too reckless in trusting you. I discarded my gut feelings, and my better judgment, even after realizing how good my judgement was. Because I trusted you. I spent too much time with you and you're turning me back to what I once was. The old friends are waiting, and they'll take me back if I follow their lead. Trust me, I plan on it, I'm too busy caring about myself now to bother with you and you know what? The timing could never have been better. I thought you were the one I could trust, but I guess you're not.

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