The Bus Ride Home
2004-05-12 @ 4:56 p.m.

Okay, I've had a hard day at school and only want to get home. The first thing I look forward to, is the bus ride.

So, while walking down to the stop, alone, it feels normal, like another day with the same routine. Pick a spot, stand, and wait. For twenty minutes straight, you'll wait. I look at the people around me and notice the same; moods and faces.


Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall -- thinks she's perfect.

Brown hair, brown eyes, tall -- thinks she's perfect.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, isn't tall -- and somewhat lost.

Brown hair, brown eyes, very tall -- wishes he was perfect.

The list goes on.

So, we get in a line and walk on the bus, I take one empty seat with another [empty] beside it. Setting me backpack down in front of me, just incase the bus happens to be full.

So, the bus moves on and passes three more stops. Then, just as I turned to take a look out the window, this guy sits beside me. And is going through his backpack "I'm back." I was really puzzled and didn't know what to say, waiting to find the words. Eventually, he looks up at me, smiling, then realizes I'm not the person he was looking for, looks behind him, and moves to the seat in the back of the one which was beside me. Laughing, all three of us.

This guy, girl behind me, and myself. He was easily mistaken, as both of us had the same length and colour hair, and happend to be wearing blue. I felt kind of embarrassed for him, but that feeling faded quickly as I heard him say "That made my day" about 39 times.

I heard their whole conversation after that. Not that I was listening, but I almost couldn't help it, I mean, they were right behind me after all.

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