I counted
2004-05-17 @ 10:06 a.m.

Just 13 more days. Just 13 more days. Just 13 more days until it's over. School that is. Just 13 more days, not counting exams. 13 days left, almost gone by. Finally gone by.

This year, of school, has seemed to go by much faster than last year. And it's no wonder why.

By my first impression of high school, I will never hate it the way I did middle school/junior high/primary whatever. One of the first things I noticed is how the teachers aren't CONSTANTLY on your case. They don't give you phone calls home just because you didn't finish your homework. They don't favor one student more than another just because they get a few seemingly 'sincere' comments each week. They also don't leave you supply teachers that haven't a clue what is going on and force the class to stay after school to finish whatever the hell it was they were supposed to be working on during class. And finally, they do not make fun of their students in class for not being up to their standards.

Yes, these^ are all previous experiences from my last school.

Sure, there's a downside to high school, and I'm not one to purposely focus on the negative. But to me, it's the fact of how much better this school is from my last school. Of course the rules are going to be slightly different. Sure, there are way more people crowding the halls. But I'm willing to exchange a little more discipline for freedom. At least I don't need a note from my parents to tell my teacher I can leave school grounds to go out for lunch. Or even, a note to explain why it is that I need to stay for lunch. I'm glad that's all over.

A clean slate has really helped me as a person. Going to a new school, meeting new people, etc. When I left elementary, I was shocked at the level of discipline in the school I was about to enter. Because, well, there was no level, really. All that school ever cared about was whether or not everyone was being nice to eachother, wearing 'appropriate' clothing, and trying to stay sane to make it through to the end of the day. My last year there was the worst. Looking back now, I almost can't believe how much I've really changed. Back then, 13 days would have been an eternity.

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