i don`t want this.
2009-06-22 @ 4:03P

i wish i could find the heart to tell them that i`m sick of my friends picking & choosing who they think is right for me. i miss the times when they said they didn`t care who i wanted to date or who i spent my time with. They just want to keep me locked away like a doll in a cabinet so that they can create my life for me.
One of my biggest fears when i was younger was having everyone moving on & living great lives while i barely get by. & now that i`ve lived through it i realise that is not the fear i should have had. i should have been afraid of them taking my life & trying to perfect it for me.
Everytime i start to get too happy something always comes crashing down. Why can`t they just let me live my own life? i`m way too old to be living like this. i think they constantly forget because i`m smaller than them that i`m older & have actually been through these situations before.
I`m not a plaything & i don`t need rescuing. Let me fucking live!

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