moving again.
2009-03-15 @ 7:47P

This time it`s been less than a year. This is the record-setter yet the least stressful because it will (hopefully) be our last move together. All of my life i have lived in apartments - so it will be nice to finally have our own to place to call home. I remember looking back & envied so many of my friends because they lived in a house that was their own & they could do whatever they pleased with. I hate to connect things this way sometimes but i think maybe if my parents hadn`t had student loans to pay off we may have been able to have a real home. A home that we liked living in. & maybe i would go to uni or college because i wouldn`t be so afraid of what a student loan would do to my credit. I guess that`s just life. i could go on with what ifs forever. But after living here i will never want to live in an apartment again. i can only hope i won`t have to.

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