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Sarah, you tend to gravitate toward romantic partners who have a Preoccupied attachment style.
People with a preoccupied attachment style tend to show a great deal of openness and are eager to get close in a relationship. They can be very devoted partners.

Attachment style begins in infancy with the interactions we have with our parents or primary caregivers. Through these early relationships we begin to understand the dynamics and patterns of close relationships and we carry this perspective into our adult relationships.

You tend to worry about being abandoned in your romantic relationships. You have a strong desire for closeness, but may feel that others seem unwilling to get as close as you would like. It's likely that your openness to relationships is one of the first things potential partners notice about you.

Sarah, you tend to gravitate toward romantic partners who have a Secure attachment style.
People with a secure attachment style are warm, open and trusting. They are typically comfortable with themselves and show high regard for others.
Psychologists call your attachment style Dismissing Avoidant.
You're not someone who is easy to get close to. You tend to keep people at a distance and in a romantic relationship you're not entirely comfortable with emotional intimacy or commitment. Potential partners may feel that you are a bit mysterious and are a challenge worth pursuing.

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