Questions that Matter #1
2008-01-27 @ 10:33P

How do you feel about violence?

Truth: I hate the way violence is subdued in the news & the way people talk of fighting as though it has minor consequences: unless it's about/done to me.

I strongly dislike violence in the media: imagery, commentary, and reports on the news for the most part. Violence in movies, cartoons, television, video games, books is all the same in my opinion: movies, cartoons, tv shows etc are not "real" & therefore I can enjoy freely without feeling guilty. However violence in the news or in my city is unexceptable. I can`t enjoy it because it is real & therefore very frightening to me. Violence may not phase most people, but every time I see someone get hurt for real - that hurts so much more. This question does matter a lot to me & in a way I wish I had never started this discussion. In my opinion violence is something that shouldn`t have to be discussed among people because we should have enough decency to respect each other. In arguing that I would also argue the point that if we shouldn`t have to talk about it - than it also shouldn`t be happening. If people in this world had enough compassion there would never be wars & there would never have been weapons made for killing each other. Unfortunately that is the world we live in & some people are much too simpleminded to see it.

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