2006-09-30 @ 10:20P

Tell me where I belong. If I don't care than why do I run home every day at the same time trying to catch you online because I think I already know your schedule? Why am I always out there waiting &standing - trying to look pretty for when you walk by so I can flash a smile?
Do I not know myself because you told me something quite alarming. Why do I still write in this diary about my struggles then, honey? Do you mind if I call you honey? Or maybe you'd like something more formal, like your name?
Did you find me or did I find you? How long did you have to have braces to make your smile that beautiful? How long did it take you to grow your hair like that? You think yourself a master & I'm interested.
Give me something more to keep me questioning. What else can I ask you about, Mr. October? Would you go on a date with me? :]

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