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2006-05-08 @ 6:30P

I can't help but feel a little guilty sitting here, eating a peanut butter cookie, reflecting on the day. I'm failing the only class that I need to pass & now we're told that our teacher isn't coming back at all this semester. & we still have a district exam worth 30% of our mark. The class is screwed but I, obviously don't care. The way I think of it is I don't need this course to grade the year & I can do it again next year. I'm just happy because right now it looks like I'm going to graduate next year. & it's funny because I made it onto the honors list this semester, yet I'm failing my most important course - that's a little ironic.
On a side note the job daddy got in sales is straight commission with no salary. It was misleading in the first place but he quit immediately. So it looks like we might not be moving as soon as I had hoped & that's just as good a thing because I didn't want to move during exams anyway.
I'm so excited for the Summer.
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