Sweet Dreams Baby
2006-02-27 @ 8:21 p.m.

Yeah so I hate my life.
You're so priceless. I love it. Even though someone close to you just died - it's all good when you're with friends.
I love & hate how you try to convince me [all at the same time.] I don't know what to do & you're the only person that is even remotely close to what I'm experiencing. I figured by now I'd be over it... what a surprise they're in for huh? [&I just know he's sitting across from me & listening to everything I'm saying & thinking 'maybe i don't have a chance' ;)] I want to do what you want me to but I get the feeling I'll just end up being even more disappointed than I already am. &i don't need that - I'm trying to recover after all, not make things worse for myself. But I get the impression that I'd be asking him something I could never have. My conclusion for you girlie is:: not gunna gonna :P jk, in all reality though...I'm giving up. Forever. &if it just so happens to spring upon me again than fine. But I'm not doing anything to push it farther - with anyone. Because really, if there was such a thing as soulmates, wouldn't his cock be shaped more like a key? ;)
I'm just going to go & cry now...don't mind me.

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