oh Serenity
2005-12-02 @ 11:52 p.m.

I cannot understand why people holdthemselves back from just coming out. I wish somebody would tell me what they really think of me. Aside from my past experiences or the way I look. But nobody will because no person is pure enough. Personally I don't have any problem telling someone the truth about my opinion of them-especially if they're looking to better themselves. But if they didn't ask-I would only be blunt about it if it was necessary. Maybe it isn't a question of purity.

I suppose I'm looking to new people now because I miss the feelings I had when I was with new people almost 1 year ago. I'm second guessing everyone else. Why must we cause each other to suffer?
I think I'm getting used to the stinging & the hurt & cold now because I'm trying to accept it. Maybe I am wrong in thinking & saying certain things/being a certain way. Perhaps some of us do deserve to suffer in all our mistakes. I guess that's why I've been suffering so much lately.

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