With or Without you
2005-08-26 @ 10:12 p.m.

I wish I could love the way some people do. It's amazing how creative & imaginative people can become when they fall. Truly amazing.
I'd like to tell you it's just a phase but I don't even believe that anymore. I've hit a certain part in life when the feelings just take over me & I simply enough, cannot take it. But I'm sure, that over time, I'll learn to cope.
Hopefully that doesn't take too long.
I wonder sometimes, how people can believe the things that I say. I don't consider myself to be very genuine, & that really doesn't matter to me. But I can be very contradictory if you really listen.
I hate the way we feel the same. Say goodnight, sleep, wake up disappointed feeling the same things.
& I'm rambling. I'm not sure what I desire now, I guess I desire to find out what it is that I desire. Maybe it's a feeling...

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