everything and after
2005-07-11 @ 9:17 a.m.

I was in an incredibly low mood yesterday. But I've been overtired for a while now. & yesterday was supposed to be the day when I got caught up on that. But alas, I'm learning to hate dreams, & they are preventing me from wanting to sleep.
I cannot believe how insecure I felt yesterday. I must have changed my clothing at least 3 times. Or maybe that wasn't me being insecure, maybe I just felt bloated or something. & that was pretty much the last thing I wanted to feel yesterday. In fact I had only 355mL of coke yesterday. Which was enough to get rid of my headache, & thankfully, not enough to give me issues with pain. No Sleep + Period=NOT FUN. Yeah it's funny how I only notice that now. heh.
So, I cried again last night. I don't know why, I hate crying & having no idea what I'm crying about. Probably just me feeling the effects of everything that's hit me all at once. & I'm having a hard time handling it. I don't get this stressed out that often & I'd hate people to see me like this.
I should be fine after tonight.

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