misery in me
2005-02-06 @ 3:36 p.m.

we no longer support ourselves
we live through each others' tears
we no longer caress, no longer take hold
'til this will be over again
the dream is over when all this begins
the past not part of the deal
the failing words i once said to you
you turned and walked out the door

gone over
i said it's fine
you burn them bridges
and you turn around

can't you see the misery is me?
don't you know the fear i feel inside?
the misery in me

we no longer sustain ourselves
we live through each other's wounds
let's no longer detain, no longer suppress
pretend to be something we're not
the world is over when all is the same
a companion always there
but you have deceived when all this is gone
you took back what you already had

we no longer care if it breaks
it falls on belated pride
we keep on heading inwards
so this might be our only chance
to turn it around

Dark Tranquillity

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