2003-10-11 @ 8:42pm

My hands are cold on the keys, it's hard to type.

When I think about the day, the people and their personalities. Everything seems so staind.

People are so fake! They play the "I didn't know" cards 24/7 and don't even realise just how bad it is. Therefore, they could never admit it. And would rarely try anyway. You see people, trying to express their "individuality" and "style". You see them pierce, tattoo, themselves. Tan, where contacts just because they like the colours, and cut their hair. Even get surgury. Just because they think they look better. "Well, if your that bad on the inside you must have to change the outside"

It disgusts me.

But I'm just like that.

I made the decision to dye my hair again. Darker, to hide the orange. Yes to hide the orange. It looks magnificent, or, maybe it just looks fake.

No wait, everything is stained.

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