Warning:[eor] Extremely Odd Ranting, read at risk of becoming a Psychoanalyst
2003-10-12 @ 3:17 p.m.

This will not turn into an unrealistic, sentimental entry in which I would go on and on about Thanksgiving and what I am thankful for. I will not make this huge long list about everything I'm happy with and associate it with Thanksgiving in some bizarre way. I will not drag friends onto that list. I will not drag material/objects onto that list either. Scratch that. I won't even make a "list". Wait, scratch that. I will make a list. A grocery list. And somehow associate that with Thanksgiving. I will not go on for weeks about how Thanksgiving has helped me through life in any way. I will not ask for gifts on Thanksgiving. No. I will not pray for gifts on Thanksgiving. I will not post an entry about Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving in my diary. Oh, too late.

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