Times always changing
2015-10-02 @ 6:40 p.m.

I'm so surprised that this website is still here & functioning, I never thought I'd be on here writing another entry. When I signed up for an account here in 2003...I never thought it would last this long! But tumblr isn't like these old blogging sites used to be, after everyone moved onto xanga & LJ... now blogspot & running their own domains. The community disappeared. We used to be able to write our deep dark secrets, now everyone is trying to retweet to ruin each others reputations. I'm getting a huge dose of nostalgia now.

Changed the template on the front page to something more cheery. I never liked pink when I started this diary at 13 years of age hahaha! But that awful black background & dark grey tiny font was terribly depressing. So dreary, & I guess an excellent representation of who I was & what I was feeling at the time. Maybe I will move onto the archive pages & clean them up...or not.

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